Classic Car Detailing

Since 2008 we have had the pleasure to detail many classic cars ranging from a MG to £1m Aston Martin DB4 GT, each car is inspected to see the condition of paintwork and if had any restoration work in the past, then a treatment plan is worked out with customer advising on best possible treatment. Most cars we see have been used or painted in the past and have swirlmarks or dull paint and in most cases a light machine polish to restore the finish and clarity is needed.

Our Work On Show

See below a beautiful Aston Martin DB6 MK2 we had the pleasure to work upon ready for the Centenary line up in Hyde Park next to the HRH Prince of Wales DB5 Convertible

Below is a Bentley Turbo R that we carried out a intensive detail over 5 days to clean the interior leather and fully machine polish the exterior paintwork and also wet sand to match panels on the car that had been painted over the years. As you can see the car looks stunning for its age and mileage.



See below a gallery of most comment defects we see when we inspect the cars which are from poor wash technique or from body-shops refinishing technique so lots of swirl marks in the paint or sanding marks, we also look to see if the paint is base and lacquer or single stage colour (more traditional in 80’s 90’s) or even cellulose which is rare theses days on very old cars. Once we determine this we can work out which the best combination of polish and pads to test

Every car is different but in most cases 2-3 days will yield good results we use water based polishes which are safer to use and remove defects rather than fill the, we use glazes and waxes to finish off to protect the paintwork for the future. Classic details start form £500 see below a small gallery of cars we have worked upon and the results we can achieve.

Please fill in the form on the contact page with a few details and we will respond to your requirements or can call 07989 417 710 and will be happy to talk to you.