Gyeon Quartz Coatings 


Depth Of Shine are appointed Gyeon certified Detailer covering Birmingham and the Midlands, from our studio we can offer Mohs + & Durabead coatings offering upto 5 year warranty we also have a custom VW Caddy so can offer treatments on site before collection, we work with local dealers including Rybrook McLaren and Porsche Tewksbury

GYEON is a brand offering reliable, thoroughly-tested range of products which satisfies the needs of every enthusiast of detailing as well as requirements of professionals. At GYEON, we spared no efforts to provide you most up-to-date and dependable solutions that will boost the quality of outcomes and satisfaction from final results. It is our mission to deliver most technologically advanced products at a very competitive price. GYEON products are not equivalent of colored waxes.

They do not provide features like scent of bananas or strawberries, neither do they promise a vehicle’s total transformation in a quarter of an hour but they do provide a long-lasting and high quality surface protection. That is why, if You wish to receive reliable effects, authentic, at least several-months durability, or a smooth operation of an impeccably looking vehicle, GYEON is the brand you can rely on.


Protection based on silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the most sophisticated technology of car protection that so far has been developed. Previously exploited by the most demanding consumers from the electronic industry or used to protect the railway rolling stock from acts of vandalism, this compound is now introduced in its unique form to the automotive business by the GYEON brand. Owing to special chemical processes, silica is being blended with a suitable concoction of solvents which allows its application onto the surface of the paint giving as a result substantial hardness. The crucial properties of the quartz coating are its ability to boost the total hardness of the paint and to increase it up to the level of 9H (hardness of the coating determined by Mohs scale) as well as its thickness. Therefore it should be referred to as something unique in the variety of automotive paints’ parameters as it is the only coating with measurable thickness up to 1 micron. Depending on the number of layers applied, thickness of quartz coating may amount from 0.2 up to 1.5 microns. The most critical, however, is the structural integrity that the layer displays. After having vaporized all the solvents contained in the product, the layer becomes firm, solid as well as very hard and highly durable. Due to the quartz coating’s thickness, all the scratching and fading, which may appear during washing or as a result of extensive deposition to caustic substances e.g. bird droppings, do not reach the paint, leaving its surface intact. Due to very small molecules tightly bounded together, any disarrangement of the structural integrity by external factors is technically impossible. The only way to remove the coating requires application of professional, intensive abrasives.



All protective coatings signed by GYEON are based on SiO2, which is a guarantee for an exceptional resistance to chemicals of 2-11 pH, as well as to other harmful substances present on the roads and in the atmosphere.


GYEON is a standard-setter when it comes to durability of protective coatings,

offering all detailing enthusiasts a maximum performance, while professionals – a 2-year warranty for the Q2MOHS PLUS protection and 5 years Dura Bead.


One of the primary reasons behind conducting an auto-detailing treatment is protection of automotive surface and secondary to is embellishment of vehicle’s looks GYEON combines exceptional durability with visual effects that often overshadow what high-quality natural waxes can do.



Due to the most pivotal property of products based on SiO2, which is high capability of water- and contaminants-repelling, a vehicle protected with quartz coating remains clean significantly longer and its usual maintenance is much easier and less time-consuming.



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